Gemma K Stephens

Gemma K Stephens a Glasgow-based Visual Artist, who after studying Fine Art, graduated in 2015 with a degree in Fashion Communication. The work she produces ranges from abstract conceptual moving image, fashion photography and styling and more recently journal-esque writing. This work is rooted in the everyday, the mundane and the banal, with a focus on emphasising certain physical or social characteristics portrayed in the locations.

Stephens is interested in challenging the traditional boundaries and perceptions by interrogating the relationship between reality and fantasy, creating spaces that allow the viewer to think.

Gemma was recently awarded a bursary with Calling The Shots for ’Random Acts’ initiative in association with Channel 4, here she made a short film titled “Chelsea supporter enters frame left”, this film was broadcasted as part of Series 4 Episode 4 and is currently touring the UK as part of the ICA’s Playback Tour.

Stephens is currently working on an artist moving image commission for Bristol Museum and The Centre for Moving Image Research at UWE, this is due to be launched in the Bristol Art Gallery and Museum next year.

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Many Studios, Glasgow
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